Burns Supper Kit

A portrait of Robert Burns

A portrait of Robert Burns

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If you’re a Burns fan and enjoy the company of friends and relations gathered round the table for an evening of fun and laughter (with a few drams thrown in for good measure) you have come to the right site.

Our Burns Supper Guide and Burns Supper Music  will set you up to host the “mother of all Burns Suppers!”

The first Burns Supper was held 5 years after his death, when nine of his friends met in Alloway to remember Burns and celebrate his life.

They sang his songs, drank some ale, quoted from his poetry, drank some ale and generally had an uproarious

evening drinking ale to commemorate the untimely passing of their good friend.

This is how Burns would like your Supper to be.

Our free 42 page guide will help you host an evening of wining and dining that your guests will be speaking about

for years.

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Your music has been produced to help those of you who don’t have a piper or fiddler in the family.

Also, when auntie Lizzie is giving her best rendition of Ae Fond Kiss,she disnae want an old 45 of

Kenneth McKellar or Andy Stewart dronin’ on in the background.

Your guests deserve quality music for their solos, duets and community singing and that’s what

the Burns Supper Music will give them.

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